How to Plan Your Social Media Strategy in 2019: 6 Efficient Tips

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When talking about social media marketing, it is important to know your aims and ways to reach them. Once you have clear and realistic goals, you have to start planning. At this point, we are going to help you. Read the following article and learn how to meet your marketing ambitions in 2019.

Social advertising strategy audit

Conducting an audit is crucial because you have to know if your campaigns are efficient and improve the weak parts. So make sure that you review the results of your previous efforts, analyzing the costs and the outcomes.

If you launch new campaigns every month, you will have to analyze the results of each one and compare them. This is going to be a time-consuming task; however, there is no other way to understand which of your ideas are working better than others. In a word, you need to find out which moves bring you conversion and do more of them. At the same time, you have to find out the weak and change get rid of them.

Social media content strategy audit

The second step in your audit is social media content analysis. This means that you need to look through the content you have published before and see what was efficient and what wasn’t. If you are an active content marketer, then you have a great deal of information to review. If so, you need to categorize the posts into sections and compare one section to another rather than comparing one post against the other.

It is perfect if you use tags in your posts. Tagging will help you categorize your content with no problem. However, if you don’t, you still can use some tools and platforms like Sprout Social to do so. Measure the effectiveness of each section and keep your main goals in mind. Make sure to:

  • Eliminate the content that doesn’t get any positive reaction from the audience
  • Create more content that is appreciated by the audience
  • Analyze the working content and try to figure out what exactly attracts your audience

Sometimes, your own attitude to different types of content might be different from the reality. It means that while you think that super-cool custom images are the most attractive, the data can show that they are not. For instance, your audience might react better to the text content which is more relevant to the current context. Data is something you should trust more than your own intuition.

Forge a partnership with influencers

Currently, partnering with influencers is a huge trend that usually brings great results to the marketers. However, you can only get those great results if you know what exactly you want and choose the most relevant people to partner with.

Remember, partnership with influencers is not a magical remedy for a weak content strategy. Make sure that you have enough accurate data and analysis before you start one. Sometimes, partnering with influencers doesn’t have sense, especially when you have no idea how to do that. So don’t get blinded by a simple and potentially profitable marketing option.

  • Find the influencers that are relevant to your product or service
  • Analyze the content they produce
  • Pay attention to their audience (age, gender, social group, etc.)
  • Ask for screenshots of the analytics your potential partner has

You need to have a strategy! For example, if you own a writing company, you need to find an influencer, who posts the content that coincides with the services you provide. Also, make sure that his or her audience is interested in the product you have to offer. If thousands of people, who are not college students and actually don’t need any tutoring help will see your ad, this won’t bring you a penny.

Create content that strikes

No, really. When you are done with your audit and potential influencers, you have to focus on the creative and eye-catching content. Spare no expense and effort to make your content brilliant. Check the results of your audit and focus on the most efficient types of content you have already made. Making videos, photos, funny pictures, infographics or stories is always a good idea, but you should pay more attention to the most viewed and appreciated types of media.

As you may know, the latest social media marketing trend is video. So if you have already adopted it, then make sure to stick to it and improve your approach. You need to focus on the quality, not the medium. The medium itself won’t do the work for you. As you can understand, not every video is great, there are actually some bad videos and you still need money to make them. The competition grows all the time, therefore you won’t get any conversion with a low-quality content today.

Keep an eye on your competitors

We believe that you cannot build a perfect social media strategy without knowing what your competitors are doing. Especially, you have to keep an eye on the things they are doing well. Make sure that you understand how their strategies work and borrow some ideas to improve your own. It doesn’t mean that you need to copy them, just get the point and do the same (only better). This way, you can realize the full range of opportunities for your own brand.

Of course, it is hard to figure out which particular marketing tricks work successfully for your competitors and you risk to take some separate concepts without understanding a full picture, which is not very effective. Try to figure out what exactly they are doing and think how you can also fit there.

Implement new technologies

New technologies are awesome and most of them can improve your social media strategies significantly. However, be attentive and careful here. There are too much of them appearing almost every day and you don’t need to adopt each and every. Some of them are not suitable for your brand, while the others are not ready for use.

If your budget is tight and you cannot afford testing every new toy that appears on the market, then you don’t have to. This will make you waste your time and money in vain. Be sure that you know what types of technologies make a good match with your activity. It means that you have to stay open to the experiments, but be realistic about their relevance to your service. So just keep an eye on them, but don’t get to obsessed with every new gadget and feature that comes out.

After reading these six tips for your content media strategy, you might already have some amazing ideas about your brand development. The main thing you have to remember when using these tips is that you should be clearly aware of your personal aims and expectations about the strategies you implement. Make sure that you make smart decisions that fit your particular business. Good luck!

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